Parent Peace of Mind

Your house is full of phones, tablets, game consoles, and smart TVs. How would you like to ensure that your children aren't up all hours of the night playing on them? 


Knowledge is power.  Wouldn't you like to know exactly which devices in your home are using the Wi-Fi, and how much? We'll configure your network so that you can not only see these things, but act on them, too.

Nothing motivates someone in today's household quite like having access to the precious Wi-Fi. Pause your child's devices until homework is done. Schedule tablets and game consoles so that they aren't connected when it comes to bedtime. Prioritize access for your smart TVs so that video doesn't buffer when others are online.


Five Arrows will install a mesh network in your home which provides a stable and smart setup with plenty of control. We'll also configure your existing phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, consoles, and other devices to it.


We can create user profiles for each person in the house, assigning various devices to them. From there, we'll schedule routines so that your child isn't watching YouTube when it's time to sleep.  Our team can also create a secondary Wi-Fi network for guests so that you don't have to give out your password.


We'll show you how to control the various profiles and devices that use your Wi-Fi network. Enable or disable access with the press of a button, run speed tests, prioritize devices, block websites, and more.