Smart Home Starter

So you're ready to get started in the world of a smart home and don't know where to begin. We've got just the answer.


This is one of our favorite bundles to offer as it provides a real "wow" factor. Before you know it you'll be using your speaker for music, podcasts, audiobooks, search results, recipes, and more. What's more, you'll also have a light that can be configured to come on and/or turn off at scheduled times. 

We'll also make sure that you have the information and tools necessary to learn more about your new smart home tools. With permission, our team will follow up with links to register your products, warranty and replacement details, and tips to get more from your devices. Not only that, but we'll give you a generous coupon for any future services with Five Arrows.


Our staff will walk through your house and look for existing devices which may be added to your smart home. We'll work with you to determine what your needs may be and advise of potential products or services to consider.


The starter kit features a smart speaker and connected light bulb which can be controlled via voice or mobile app. We'll install and configure it to your network, ensure it works, and add any other existing devices in the home.


Want your light to come on at certain times? What brightness settings do you need? Would you like to know about your day ahead, including calendar, weather, or traffic? Our team will make sure that you get the most out of your speaker and smart light.

Smart Speaker

  • Get personalized help with your schedule, reminders, calls, news, and daily commute
  • Use your voice to get the latest weather, traffic, finance, sports and more
  • Play music, listen to audiobooks, and podcasts
  • Control other smart home devices as they are added

Smart Light

  • Set timers to have your light welcome you to a new day or automatically dim over the evening.
  • Use your voice to turn the light on and off, or to control brightness
  • Save on your energy bills
  • Dim the lights for a family movie night without leaving the couch