Why choose Five Arrows Technology?

Five Arrows believes in providing a white glove experience to its customers.  It's not enough to just install devices and walk away. Our clients are more than a transaction. 

We focus on three key areas to ensure our clients receive the best treatment possible: consultation, installation, and education.


We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and expectations. We'll recommend specific products and settings to best suit the environment.

  • Identify existing opportunities and settings
  • Suggest devices and products
  • Offer guidance on placement and configuration


We will install and configure new equipment and, where applicable, integrate your existing devices. This includes personal settings, routines, schedules, and other actionable commands.

  • Install new devices and reconfigure existing items
  • Test and personalize settings
  • Set up custom commands, schedules, and routines


Five Arrows will follow up to make sure your devices are working as expected. With permission, we'll also share best practices, tips, and features to get more from your equipment.

  • Offer tips and tricks to get more from your setup
  • Address issues and provide additional resources
  • Share new and relevant settings and features