Wi-Fi and Network

Speed. Security. Peace of mind. We'll look at your Wi-Fi and network setup to identify issues and potential solutions.


We pay a lot for our home internet. Isn't it only fair that it works as expected? This means not just speed but reliability. Are you seeing drops in connection or dead spots in the home? Does your Netflix stream buffer every time you sit down to binge your favorite show? Does your son complain about lagging in Fortnite? 

Our staff will identify if your current setup is configured to deliver to your expectation. Additionally, we'll make any changes possible to get the most out of your existing hardware. Where applicable, we may make recommendations on replacements, such as a mesh network.

Before leaving we'll make sure your PCs, mobile devices, TVs, and game consoles are connected to your network.


Our team will work with you to determine what your internet speeds are and what they should be. How secure is your current network? We'll identify if there are any opportunities to improve your existing setup. 


Depending on your unique situation, we may recommend specific products or services to help you get more from your home network. 


Five Arrows will make any necessary adjustments to your home setup to improve speed, reliability, and overall performance. This includes software updates, device placement, and changes to wiring. We'll also make sure all of your laptops, mobile devices, and consoles are properly configured.