• Use your office line at home. 

    Many of us over the past couple of months have experienced a situation where we were not able to continue our normal routine. Getting up, taking the kids to school and then settling in at our office for a day of work. 

    When disaster strikes, we do not have time to put a plan together, we need to already have a plan in place. 

Having an office phone system that will allow your staff to make and receive calls from anywhere is something any modern small business needs to have in place. Working at home because of COVID-19 has caused many employees to have to use their personal cell and home phone numbers for business calls. This has caused customers to be able to contact your employees directly, resulting in loss of privacy, turn over and other situations that can negatively impact your small business.  Wouldn't you prefer to have the peace of mind that in uncontrollable circumstances you can still have business as usual in the office or in the homes of your employees?


Five Arrows partners with a phone system called Star2Star. 

Star2Star pioneered the Full Spectrum approach to communications, which includes end-to-end solutions for every business need. With Full Spectrum Communications, businesses have the solutions, services, and support they need to thrive, all from a single provider. This simplifies their day-to-day operations, increases productivity, and helps reduce monthly costs all at once.


Includes voice, video, mobile, chat, fax, texting, conferencing, and presence management.


Voicemail-to-Email and Find Me/Follow Me call forwarding.


 Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery. Highest quality and reliability with 99.999% up-time.


Free, 24/7/365 tech support, seamless software updates, and next-business-day parts replacement