About Us

Installation. Automation. Simplification. SupportThese are not just catchy buzzwords and empty rhetoric, it's what we do.

Five Arrows Technology makes technology easy at both work and home. It's 2020 and you shouldn't have to worry about how things work. Leave that to us. 

Whether it's setting up a server, migrating your company to the cloud, or installing smart speakers in the home, Five Arrows Technology is where you turn.

Our team of experts has decades of experience in technology. We've been both buyers and sellers and have a rich history with the things that make life easier. Most importantly, we know the value of time. 

Based in Stark County, and serving the surrounding area, Five Arrows Technology will work with you to help make the best decisions as it comes to technology and communication. Our aim is save time and money across all sectors of your organization.

We'd love to work with you to learn about your long term vision and assist in hitting the next milestone.